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No, you dont need to adjust your computer’s speakers. It takes a few seconds for “Vision’s” to come into focus, but once it does, Absolutely Free’s krauty take on The Verve-esque Britpop doesn’t stop pushing for the song’s entire five minute run time.

After an unplanned week off we were back in the studio on Sunday, spinning records and rambling incoherently into the microphone. Here’s what we played….

Thee Oh Sees – Contraption/Soul Dessert
The Swirlies – Bell
Sentridoh – Really Insane
Les Marinellis – Elisa
Ty Segall – The Faker
Roachclip – Master’s Den
Advance Base – Single Girl, Married Girl
Bleached – Poison Ivy
American Football – Never Meant
Baked – Smoke Gets in Your Eye
Twin Peaks – Flavor
Mirah – Stallion Side
God is My Co-Pilot – I Hate Girls
Lower – Unkempt and Uncaring

Of Montreal – A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
Pow Wows – Killing Me
Hiss Golden Messenger – Saturday’s Song
Botch – Thank God for Worker Bees
Best Coast – In My Room
No Age – Glitter (Long Version)

The Wytches – Wire Frame Mattress
The Animals – We’ve Got to Get Out of This Place (Live)

Frankie Cosmos – Busses Splash with Rain
Rat Columns – Leaf
Erase Errata – Ouija Boarding
Brute Heart – Fever
The Orwells – Who Needs You?
Sharks Keep Moving – Jet’s Jets
The For Carnation – Moonbeams
Bombadil – Prologue
The Karl Hendricks Trio – Some Girls Like Cigarettes
La Luz – Call Me in the Day
Theses Arms are Snakes – Meet Your Mayor
The Jazz June – Drugs and Models
Bob Mould – Nemeses are Laughing
Bells> – Promenade
Liam the Younger – Bob Dylan
Dick Diver – Water Damage
The VSS – Sibling Ascending
Spider & The Webs – Frozen Roses
Thee Headcoats – Davey Crockett
Curve – No Escape from Heaven
Wipers – Up Front
It’s the beginning of autumn, which means all I’ve really been interested in listening to and playing is shoegaze and pensive, melancholy indie rock like this. Sharks Keep Moving were a bit of a reverse supergroup of sorts, in that members went on to form bands like Minus the Bear, The Blood Brothers, and Pretty Girls Make Graves, among countless others, after they called it quits. Definitely worth looking into for fans of stuff like American Football, The American Analog Set, and even early Minus the Bear.
Remember a few years ago when movie studios told us that 3D was the future, then used the technology mostly for salvaging box office returns on kids’ movies that never should’ve been greenlighted in the first place? Well hopefully you kept a pair of those flimsy glasses they gave you so you can enjoy this video to the fullest extent. Visually, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a band fronted by a man who calls himself King Gizzard. As previously mentioned, I’m in Your Mind Fuzz is out on November 11th.
As with most music, noisy Medicine is the best Medicine. “Move Along…” starts off pedal to the metal, and stays there until about halfway through, where the song settles into a nice psychy groove without sacrificing any volume. Everything I’ve heard off of the trio’s upcoming album Home Everywhere has recalled the band at its Buried Life-best.
Jim posted about Crush Songs, a collection of lo-fi solo songs from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontwoman, a week or so ago. While I find the effort to be a bit hit-or-miss (not necessarily a surprise, considering it’s basically a batch of demos), this live performance of album highlight “Rapt” is a great reminder that Karen has never suffered from a lack of showmanship, even while playing to an audience hand-picked by some company’s marketing department. Seriously, the people in this video would make an IKEA showroom look like Compton by comparison.