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I don’t know much about Whitney K. It appears to be an outlet for BC’s Konner Whitney to indulge his more Dylan-esque songwriting tendencies. He may or may not also be an associate of fellow Vancouverite Patrick Flegel (he of Cindy Lee and Androgynous Mind fame, among other projects you may have heard of). I assume they spend most of their hypothetical time together reminiscing about the Grizzlies.

“Ode to the Old Ways” lurches along, like a Blood on the Tracks session played back at half speed. Then the bridge hits and transports the whole song to the East Village circa 1977 before stumbling back to the old dirt road it drove in on. If you like what you hear, you should enjoy the rest of Goodnight, which you can check out right here.

On 2014’s Chambers, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete found the perfect crossroad of heavy psych, krautrock, and (dare I say) goth. They also showcased an underrated songwriting skill: recognizing exactly when to let loose with a burst of screeching guitar noise overtop of the low-end rhythm murk that served as the album’s backbone. The whole affair had a decidedly grey atmosphere, but at least it was a living, breathing, three-dimensional type of grey, something like what I imagine Disappears would sound like if they ever followed the light at the end of the tunnel they acknowledge once or twice per release.

All of this is to say I still revisit Chambers quite often, along with a subsequent live set the band recorded and shared while in touring in support of it. Not surprisingly, then, my interest was piqued by news of the follow-up, Balance, due out September 19th. Our first glimpse into the album, “La Distinción”, does absolutely nothing to dissuade my optimism. Have a listen for yourself above, and then head over here for all sorts of other details.

Somewhat related: I’ve never really associated LMTO’s hometown of Guadalajara with a music scene, but I imagine somebody in a city with a population well over one million has picked up a guitar recently. Any recommendations would be thoroughly appreciated.

Herein we listen to music from Indonesia. And Drink. And live blog and tweet about it. Join along from home. Share what you think or what you like. Apologies to the good people in Indonesia who don’t drink.

8:00pm Let’s do this. Indonesia has tons of good music. This is a fun love ditty.

8:10pm That was pretty damned great! How about a Swervedriver cover?

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