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It’s just about that time of year for Thee Oh Sees to inevitably drop a new LP. “Web” is off Mutilator Defeated at Last, out May 18th on John Dwyer’s own Castleface Records. If the rest of the album follows suit, it seems like it will be of the Carrion Crawler/The Dream variety of Oh Sees burners, as opposed to their more Kinks-ian leanings featured on last year’s Drop.

…and if you were curious as to how “Web” sounds live, I’ve got some good news for you! Check out the video below.

A huge “shit yeah!” to the fact that DU is the next band in line to get the “Live in San Francisco” treatment from Castle Face. This almost makes too much sense.

Remember a few years ago when movie studios told us that 3D was the future, then used the technology mostly for salvaging box office returns on kids’ movies that never should’ve been greenlighted in the first place? Well hopefully you kept a pair of those flimsy glasses they gave you so you can enjoy this video to the fullest extent. Visually, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a band fronted by a man who calls himself King Gizzard. As previously mentioned, I’m in Your Mind Fuzz is out on November 11th.
Yes, you read that band name correctly. Mr. Gizzard and his collective Wizards will be releasing an LP on John Dwyer’s Castleface Records in November.
I actually opened up last week’s show with this one, and this is really just an excuse to post the live video below. My favorite comment on the YouTube link is:

“I talked to John Kunz, owner of Waterloo and co-founder of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores and all he said about this was ‘They caused a lot of damage.'”

Sorry, John. Waterloo Records’ web site can be found here if you feel helping reimbursing him for the band’s theatrics. Regardless, the show looks like it was entertaining as hell.