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Isotria Blaring Radio

when there are bikes on the street, horns on the sidewalks, orchids in the woods, and noise everywhere else. that is isotria blaring. every monday at 10pm, only on wrct pittsburgh.

88.3FM in Pittsburgh or stream WRCT now! Check out the playlist here.

Transient Random Radio

Celebrate every Sunday by staying in bed all afternoon and listening to Transient Random Radio. Listen for new and classic indie rock, psych, punk, or whatever other noise has caught DJ Matt’s ear lately. Every Sunday at 2pm, only on WRCT Pittsburgh.

88.3FM in Pittsburgh or stream WRCT now! The playlist can be found here.

Hey! We were both in studio last night, playing ALL the hits. What hits, you ask? These ones right here:

Artist Song
Girl Band The Witch Dr.
Rocket from the Tombs Sonic Reducer (Live)
Destruction Unit The Upper Hand
Creepoid Tell the Man
Deaf Wish They Know
Dope Body Old Grey
Mirrors She Smiled Wild
The Mountain Goats The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton
Korea Girl Atomic Skies
Beauty Pageant Superplasticizer
Whote II A Measurement of Wealth
Crain Kneel
La Luz ¬†I’ll Be True
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe Mama
Fake Palms Sparkles
Kinski The Party Which You Know Will Be Heavy
Royal Headache Caroline
Wolf Parade This Heart’s on Fire
Ought Beautiful Blue Sky
White Reaper Last 4th of July
Rodan Shiner
Air Waves Fantasy
Titus Andronicus Stranded (On My Own)
Advance Base The Only Other Girl From Back Home
Town Portal Yes Golem
Polvo Total Immersion
Widowspeak Cosmically Aligned
Ringo Deathstar So High
Julia Holter Vasquez
Deradoorian The Invisible Man
Youth Lagoon Highway Patrol Stun Gun
Slant 6 Love Shock
Infinity Girl Dirty Sun
Caithlin De Marrais Lovers Light
Silkworm There Is a Party in Warsaw Tonight
Sarah Dougher Must Believe
Eskimeaux Broken Necks
Sic Alps I Am Grass
Hot Spa Kiola Beach

We had a special guest, Thomas Watkiss, playing live from the studio. He also brought in some 7″ vinyl from Drone Records. Here is the playlist.

Artist Album Track
Beauty Pageant torso EP superplasticizer
zoo Trilogi Peradaban Kupu-Kupu
Gunk Gradual Shove Ice Cream
Chavez Gone Glimmering Break up the band
Crain Speed Car Crash Decisions
Built to Spill Untethered Moon C.R.E.B.
carsick cars carsick cars Xiong mao
Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Astros
Lady Lamb After Batter
Mecca Normal Dovetail Trapped Against
Melancholics 7″ Like Thunderstorms in July
Westkust Last Forever Swirl
Senyawa Menjadi Gaib
Eric Gaffney Brilliant Concert Number Girls 1 2 3
Slant 6 soda pop rip off Blue Angel
Moljebka Pulse lodelux lode
Whote Moons Necropolis
Eskimeaux O.K. A Hug Too Long
Deaf Wish Pain Newness Again
Picastro Whore Luck Car sleep
Half Japanese Overjoyed Meant to be that way
Town Portal The Occident Yes, Golem
Surfer Blood 1000 Palms I Can’t Explain

Matt held down the reigns last night while I was returning from camping. Can’t beat the Nation of Ulysses, Destruction Unit, and Cursive. Hope yinz enjoyed the show. We’ll be back next Sunday with a special guest to boot.

Artist Album Song
The Nation of Ulysses The Birth of the Ulysses Aesthetic 7″ The Sound of Jazz to Come
Circus Lupus Solid Brass Pop Man
Viet Cong Viet Cong Bunker Buster
Beauty Pill The Unsustainable Lifestyle Terrible Things
Deaf Wish Pain Dead Air
the Warmers the Warmers Iwaay
Beach House Bloom Irene
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell Date With The Night
Washed Out Within and Without Amor Fati
Tame Impala Currents The Less I Know the Better
Metric The Shade EP Office Towers Escalate
Lotus Plaza Spooky Action at a Distance Eveningness
Palma Violets Danger in the Club Gout! Gang! Go!
Flipper Sex Bomb Baby Sex Bomb
destruction unit Deep Trip The World on Drugs
Unwound MK Ultra 7″ Totality
White Reaper White Reaper Does It Again BTK
Chrome Cranks 8 Track Mind 7″ Collision Blues
Blur The Magic Whip Ice Cream Man
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions Bavarian Fruit Bread Clear Day
Ultimate Painting Green Lanes Woken By Noises
Stereolab Underground: Is Coming 7″ The Super-IT
Jose Gonzales Vestiges and Claws Stories We Build
Dean Wareham Anesthesia 7″ Anesthesia
Yo La Tengo Summer Sun Don’t Have to Be So Sad
Beat Happening Sea Hunt 7″ Sea Hunt
Snowpony The Slow-Motion World of Snowpony I Can Keep a Secret
Dead Moon Ricochet 7″ Ricochet
Vinyl Williams Into Xol Rumi
atlantic thrills Atlantic Thrills Drugs In It
Axis: Sova Past the Edge 7″ Past the Edge
Art Brut Bang Bang Rock & Roll Modern Art
Murder By Death In Bocca al Lupo Brother
Fireside Uomini D’onore Bistro
Ricked Wicky King Heavy Metal Tomfoole Terrific
Braids Deep in the Iris Happy When
Circle Vaahto b/w Spektaakkeln Kritiikki Spektaakkelin Kritiikki
Harmonia Deluxe Notre Dame
Chicos de Nazca Far and Close It’s Easy to Be Here
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure For Your Pleasure
Cursive Burst And Bloom Sink to the Beat
Azure Ray New Resolution We Drank Last Night
Her Space Holiday The Astronauts are Sleeping VOl. 2 Count on the Days

A louder show than normal, this week’s radio shower featured songs from Grubs, Icky Blossoms, and Chile’s Rehusar. Here is the playlist for last night’s show.

Artist Album Song
The Bugs The Right Time The Right Time
Grubs CYJ003 Dec 15th
Crain Speed Car Crash Decisions
Cuntz Here come the real boys Bin Day
Westkust Last Forever Jonna
Le Tigre From The Desk Of Mr. Lady Yr Critique
Eskimeaux O.K. A Hug Too Long
Thao & Mirah Thao & Mirah Folks
Senyawa Menjadi Gaib
Sebadoh Bakesale license to confuse
Eric Gaffney Sore Foot Weirdy Girls 1 2 3
Ex Hex Rips Outro
Consignment New Low The Road Song
Dirty Dishes Guilty Guilty
bloodpheasant traum our homes and their adornments
Surfer Blood 1000 Palms Into Catacombs
Rodan 15 Quiet Years Tooth Fairy Manifesto
Spit-Take Queen’s Pawn Game Nothing Ever Comes True Ever
Pterodactyl Spills Out The Break
Icky Blossoms Mask Terror Nothing
Suckdog Onward Suckdog Soldiers I’m Going to be Married
Aye Nako The Blackest Eye Killswitch
Hop Along Painted Shut Waitress
Boy on Guitar We Wait Downtown
Olivia Tremor Control Peel Session Suite 1
Rough Blush Cosequence Demo Inverse
US Maple Long Hair in THree Stages Home-made Stuff
Lady Lamb After Batter
the dudes Greatest Hits Church Youth Groups
My Light Shines for you dias de lluvia Why?
Rehusar Humano-Maquina
Sic Alps Pleasures and Treasures I am Grass
Downtown Boys Full Communism Monstro
Infinity Girl stop being on my side by now
ted danson with wolves wwtdwwd Winnebago
Polvo Siberia Light, Raking
angelic milk Pale gingerbread house
Apart Gray Light Sick of Sunlight
Church Girls Church Girls EP Powder Keg
Kinski 7 (or 8) Flight Risk
Nots We are Nots insect eyes
Mikal Cronin MCIII Made My Mind Up
Two Inch Astronaut Foulbrood Type Four
Antilles ep Of Conquest and Expansion
Aerogramme A Story in White Question is Complete
Tortuganónima split w/ UH Margen de Error
Wood Spider Decadence C’est La Vida Fuerte