All posts for the month May, 2015

Starting to panic because Mark McGuire hasn’t released anything new in, like, 2 weeks? Worry not, friend, paw paw’s new album Full Earth Greeting should hold you over just fine.

I could be wrong, but as I understand it, this is members of pity sex. Maybe they are having better, more mutually desirable sex these days?

Time to sit back, listen, and ponder what the accumulation of wealth is doing to our planet and to our souls. A new Whote lp. Check it out.

Godflesh is coming to Pittsburgh in the fall. I post this song because I used to study to this album all the time in college. Not sure why, but it just worked for me. This song always disturbed me a bit though I liked it.

Could you fault Ducktails for biting Real Estate’s contemporary Feelies vibe? Well, sure, but since Matt Mondanile actually plays guitar for them, I think he gets a free pass.