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We had a special guest, Thomas Watkiss, playing live from the studio. He also brought in some 7″ vinyl from Drone Records. Here is the playlist.

Artist Album Track
Beauty Pageant torso EP superplasticizer
zoo Trilogi Peradaban Kupu-Kupu
Gunk Gradual Shove Ice Cream
Chavez Gone Glimmering Break up the band
Crain Speed Car Crash Decisions
Built to Spill Untethered Moon C.R.E.B.
carsick cars carsick cars Xiong mao
Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Astros
Lady Lamb After Batter
Mecca Normal Dovetail Trapped Against
Melancholics 7″ Like Thunderstorms in July
Westkust Last Forever Swirl
Senyawa Menjadi Gaib
Eric Gaffney Brilliant Concert Number Girls 1 2 3
Slant 6 soda pop rip off Blue Angel
Moljebka Pulse lodelux lode
Whote Moons Necropolis
Eskimeaux O.K. A Hug Too Long
Deaf Wish Pain Newness Again
Picastro Whore Luck Car sleep
Half Japanese Overjoyed Meant to be that way
Town Portal The Occident Yes, Golem
Surfer Blood 1000 Palms I Can’t Explain

Lest you haven’t heard yet, Helen is a supergroup of sorts, featuring members of Eternal Tapestry and Eat Skull backing the ethereal vocals of Liz Harris, AKA Grouper (who, incidentally, was planted firmly at the top of my year end list for 2014). “Violet” follows the previously released ““Motorcycle” and continues to emphasize the “dream” in dream pop. Is there any label more consistent than Kranky?

Musician Thomas Watkiss will be gracing us with his presence tonight, playing some music and talking some shit. Here is a sneak peak at what he does. Listen up, then listen in, WRCT 88.3FM at 9pm.

I still believe that the Kevin Parker-featuring “Daffodils” off of Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special (maybe you’ve heard of it?) is a fantastic song. I’ve also long maintained that Foals are still a great band, even as they get more polished in their journey away from Antidotes. So how convenient it is that the band offered up their take on the song during a recent stop at Triple J.
On the subject of live music, Thomas Watkiss will be in the studio tonight, playing live and blowing minds. Tune in at 9PM,
Welcome to another edition of the Interstellar Radio Shower Week in Review. Here in we pick the favorite song posted by the other (ie. Jim picks his favorite Matt song, and Matt his favorite Jim song) and we say why it’s our fav. Also, quick summaries of our other long posts for the week. Basically, herein we navel gaze.

Jim Picks a Matt Song 

The Deerhunter is, of course, great. The Destruction Unit is, of course, amazing. But i’ve propped them up before and this Sex Swing song is pretty damn fantastic.

Matt Picks a Jim Song

I think I tipped my hand earlier this week when I tweeted about it, but Center of the Sun’s cover of Slowdive’s “Machine Gun” is a pretty epic take on what was an already beautiful song. As a bonus, stick around to hear their version Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” that plays right after. (Very) honorable mentions go to Circuit Des YeuxGhost Hippies, and Swearin’.

7″ Highlight – New Fries / 

Due to life, just one highlight this week. We have a bunch in the queue but just didn’t have the time to write them up. Anyhow, a great split 7″ from New Fries and Old & Weird. And it’s a bit weird. And catchy. Read our write up or listen below.

International Radio Shower – Greece Part IV

We finished our series on random music from Greece with a bit on some psych/stoner rock bands. Some good stuff. Check out the full post here. You really have to check out the full post as there is more than one band highlighted.

Sunday,  August 23rd Radio Show Playlist

The show featured Nation of Ulysses, Chrome Crank, and Dead Moon. Where were you? Check out the full playlist here.

I just love this song. Really, very much so. One of those songs that I would like to play on the radio but requires some censorship. I also like the band name. Because, Hi Ho Silver, Away!