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Somehow, Animal Collective have managed to write their most Beach Boys-esque song to date without sounding a bit like anything that came out of Panda Bear’s Brian-Wilson-worship-era Person Pitch output.
Hot Chip apply their deadpan funk to The Boss’ classic, and then segue into LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” towards the end of the video, though the latter isn’t quite as much of a stretch for them.
“Instrumental 4” from an album titled Instrumentals 2015. There shouldn’t be much confusion about what to expect from the new Flying Saucer Attack LP.
If you’ve been listening to the show with any regularity for the past few months, you’re probably aware of my newfound obsession with drone-psychers Flying Saucer Attack. How convenient, then, that David Pearce just announced the first FSA in fifteen years will be coming out on Drag City and Domino Records on July 17th.
Could you fault Ducktails for biting Real Estate’s contemporary Feelies vibe? Well, sure, but since Matt Mondanile actually plays guitar for them, I think he gets a free pass.
You’ve all already picked up the new surprise Panda Bear EP, right? It includes the “Mr Noah” single (which will also be on Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, out early next year) and three b-sides from the Grim Reaper sessions.
Leeds’ Hookworms just announced The Hum, their follow up to last year’s Pearl Mystic. If you’re a fan of Destruction Unit/Disappears/Cryptograms-era Deerhunter/etc…, you should really get on this.