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Moscow Astrobrite-referencers Pinkshinyultrablast have been consistently leaking out some pretty great music all through 2015, so it only makes sense that they close out the year previewing their new LP, due out in February.

The holiday is over and it’s time to be reflective.

Did you enjoy your holiday? I sure hope so! Here’s something to help relax and reflect on the fact that you just survived your entire family for yet another year.

I do like me some Spider and the Webs. Hopefully everyone had a nice Christmas. Now it’s time for the Dance Chants!

Happy Christmas Eve Day. The folks at wiaiwya released a new Christmas mix this morning. Enjoy.

Prince Rama have always had a decent idea of when shtick becomes too goofy for its own good, and have psychedelically towed that line for a good number of years now. In that spirit, the duo’s upcoming LP is called Xtreme Now, and it’s a concept album about, you guessed it, extreme sports. If that wasn’t quirky enough for you, the band claims to have recorded the entire thing “on a black metal utopian commune” off the coast of Estonia with XXXChange, who’s name you may recognize from his former work with Baltimore party-starter Spank Rock. Of course, none of this would really matter if Prince Rama didn’t consistently churn out good music, and “Bahia” is damn good.