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Ah, Kim Phuc. Pittsburgh’s own somewhere-between-punk-and-hardcore export that decided to call it a day in 2012 after a handful of singles and one unfuckwithable LP. “Wormwood Star” b/w “Freak Out the Squares” is one of those singles and, for what it’s worth, it’s my favorite of the bunch.

The A-side is built around a bizarro-world Stooges riff before stomping on the breaks for a sludgy bridge, slowly building momentum back up all the way through the end. It’s a great song, and an extended version of it would eventually close out the band’s Copsucker LP. But the real highlight here is “Freak Out the Squares”.

The short intro that leads off the B-side isn’t too far removed from “Wormwood Star”. At 1:15, though, things come to an abrupt halt and, “Hoo-ah!”, we’re off. The next two minutes are a sprint to the finish line. It seems like everybody on record is competing to see who can burn through their parts the fastest. I’d argue it’s one of the best entries into Kim Phuc’s short albeit efficiently fantastic catalog.
You might be hard pressed to actually find a physical copy of “Wormwood Star”, or any other KP singles for that matter. I’d recommend hitting up Mind Cure and crossing your fingers. The band is long gone now, so no more wandering into Gooskis to watch them tear through a dozen songs in under a half hour. If you do get your hands on anything Phuc-related, be glad that you’ve got an artifact from one of the better groups to come out of Pittsburgh in the past decade.

Last week Matt posted a track from the band New Fries. They not only taste better than old fries, they sound better too. So I was intrigued and listened to more and they had this great new 7″ split with Old & Weird. So good, worth highlighting.

The A Side features two tracks from New Fries. Jazz is great. Nice weird start. Tiltilating, God is My Co-pilot-esque song structure. Adequately weird and catchy. Hard not to love this song completely through to it’s, “damn my needle is spinning on the center of the record rough” closing. Jasz may be spelled almost the same, but it’s quite unique. It is a little more Liliput in sound. It’s grating in a good way and makes me want to shake my hips.

Old & Weird is an interesting band name. Their music is great. Yes I care reminds me of something that m’lady records would release like the Ruby Pins or something. It’s a bit high pitched on the guitar and slanting female vocals. Kirkobain does not sound like Nirvana of course. This is the most straight forward indie rock tune on the single. And it’s really good.

So, if you are looking for something really, really good and a little bit weird at times, this is a fantastic 7″ record. Pick it up. Put it underwater. And play it. Oh yeah, you can buy the record here.

Some Canadian goodness from 2014…

If you liked the video, check out their bandcamp page for more including this great song from last year’s split 7″ with HSY.

I had a little trouble deciding on this week’s pick. There are plentiful good 7″s coming out on a regular basis but i’d lost track a little of what was released when. And the summer does seem at least a little quiet.

This week’s highlight was released in July as part of the 100 Club Series featuring London indie pop artists Chorusgirl. The 100 Club Series is a series of singles released by Odd Box Records. Sadly, actual physical records are sold out, but you can still get this single digitally.

This standard single features No Moon on the A side. This catchy, light twee song is quite delightful. It’s a great relaxing song to sit back and enjoy. The B side track Dream On, Baby Blue is also well executed. I actually prefer it. On both sides, the single has an almost shoe gaze backing. It’s a great single and well worth a listen.

OK, so here is a new feature. Once a week i’m going to highlight a new 7″ release that catches my interest. My tentative plan was to do this on Tuesdays but reality took over so it’s a window post this week.

LVL-UP is a band that caught my interest I think two years ago. I’ve always liked them. Not always totally in love with them. But this is a fantastic 7″ release that went on sale today. The release is called Three Songs and it’s a literal title. So let’s delve into the heart of the matter – the music.

This is a 7″ highlight. Not a review so much because i’m terrible at reviews. So keep that in mind.

The Closing Door is the opener and it’s a great fucking song. It rocks. It’s anthemic. It’s got some good mildish noise. And strong vocal direction.

Blur is also a good song. More classic rock ‘n roll. But i’m really impressed with how LVL-UP has matured with their sound. It’s so complete now.

Proven Water Rites is a nice change of pace and makes this a complete release. It’s a slower paced song. Again, the sound is very full. This is definitely a chill and wait it out song. You might even prefer an additive here.

You can pre-order the 7″ Three Songs here at Double Double Whammy Records. But even better. They are coming to town next Tuesday and playing at The Slit on the north side. And they are playing with Big Ups so that’s a double win. And we can call it an Ups UP show if we ignore the first words in their band names. How convenient.

In another note, one of the members of LVL-UP started making guitar pedals. I have a couple of their pedals and oscillators and really like them. It’s worth checking them out at Totally Ruined Circuits.

The first 30 seconds are all I needed. This is very good. Sometimes music just gets me so excited! Listen to this. Then go buy the 7″ from M’Lady’s Records.

I originally was going to post something else today. But while I liked it, I listened to this track and decided I was just filling space. I don’t want to do that to you. Or to me. So here is something awesome. At least in my worthless opinion.