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A few years ago, I went pretty deep into a Chilean psych rabbit hole, and now I’m starting to rediscover some of the music that came out of my short infatuation. I can barely find any info on The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, but I’m glad I stumbled upon their self titled (and possibly only?) LP somehow.
Truth be told, I’m not entirely certain why Pains… always strikes a chord with me. There’s a ton of bands making arty, slightly shoegazey indie rock, but something about their guitar tones and vocals always hits a nice, fuzzy, warm spot in my brain. “Kelly” is one of the finest examples of what they do well.

Wow. Wow wow wow. This is some absolutely wonderful jammy psych that wraps around the listener like a warm blanket. Perfect autumn listening. The Silver Globe is out now on Finders Keepers Records.

So, this caught my attention.  First off, it sounds like a good song, or at least something I would like if you check out the 7 Inches blog review. But, the highlight is probably simply that this vinyl record with a song about getting your hair wet with pee, is literally soaked in piss and printed with embedded human hair.  You can order it here, because you know you want to.

In my head, Ought exist in an alternate universe where an adolescent Jarvis Cocker started a pop-punk band in high school, then spent an entire summer in exile getting real deep into the Pavement discography. “New Calm, Pt. 2” is on the group’s forthcoming Once More With Feeling… EP, due out tomorrow.

Never heard of this Chicago band before this tweet, but I like this tune.  And I love cat mugs.

This song is much more enjoyable once the listener is in on the joke. Taken from the band’s 1995 album The Pastoral-Not Rustic-World of  Their Greatest Hits, which was not actually a greatest hits album, but rather their debut.
You’ve all already picked up the new surprise Panda Bear EP, right? It includes the “Mr Noah” single (which will also be on Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, out early next year) and three b-sides from the Grim Reaper sessions.