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Another release that got lost in the shuffle the past few months. Anybody who’s followed the blog or the radio show knows about my affinity for all things Deerhunter-adjacent. So even though Frankie Broyles only served a short stint in their post Monomania touring lineup, my interest was piqued when I heard he had resurfaced in Omni. Not that the band needs to get by on Cox and Co. namedropping alone: Broyles himself banked plenty of goodwill with his previous solo work and a very underrated Balkans album that came out in 2011 and Omni’s other two members, Philip Frobos and Billy Mitchell, had no issues ripping shit up together in Carnivores. If anything, Omni is a succinct reminder of just how deep Atlanta’s scene runs right now.

So the music itself? Well, there’s no way that the song posted above is named “Wire” by mere coincidence alone. In fact, all of Deluxe, the band’s debut, calls back to a time decades ago when England was trying to nail down just exactly what the term “post punk” meant, exactly. Everything from the tinny production to the sinewy guitar leads to the shapeshifting rhythm section set the mood perfectly. If “Wire” gets you moving, you’ll probably enjoy the rest of Deluxe just as much.

The new Deerhunter album is the gift that keeps on giving. “Living My Life” is the third video the band has released off of Fading Frontier, joining “Snakeskin” and “Breaker”.
Everything I’ve heard from the upcoming Deerhunter album has been fantastic. They seem to be retreating a bit from the 8-track roughness present on Monomania and the result reminds me of a mix of the bedroom experimentation of frontman Bradford Cox’s Atlas Sound solo project and grayscale indie sheen of guitarist Lockett Pundt’s Lotus Plaza. There’s still a weirdness to these songs though, even if I can’t quite put my finger on where it’s coming from. Coming from somebody who revisits Cryptograms more often than Halcyon Digest, that’s meant as a compliment. In the woozy video for “Breaker” above, you can watch Cox and Pundt share vocals on a track I feel comfortable in describing as damn near poppy.
Deerhunter just announced a new album, Fading Frontier, that’ll be out 10/16 on 4AD. I don’t think I need to tell you how excited this makes me. Along with the usual Deerhunter awesomeness, this one features contributions from Broadcast’s James Cargill and Stereolab’s Tim Gane.
The first single from Fading Frontier is “Snakeskin”, which builds on the back of a skittery, damn near danceable rhythm. The chord progressions and outro are still noticeably Deerhunter, though, and now the countdown to October officially begins.

You might recognize Moses Archuleta from his day job drumming for Deerhunter. Here, his contribution to Geographic North’s “Sketch for Winter” series leads me to believe he might have had more to do with the ambient/stranger parts of Cryptograms and Weird Era Cont. than I originally suspected.

Geographic North just released a cassette of guitar improvisations by Lotus Plaza (AKA Lockett Pundt, of Deerhunter fame) that will make the inside of your brain glow. Stream the whole thing above, then pick it up at the label’s website.