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Self-proclaimed emo rock is a weird genre to me. Most of it I don’t like, though i’m quite an emo old man. And my favorite bands from the 90s are quite emo-esque in their way. Anyhow, here is a band I seem to like, or at least these two songs. This one particularly reminds me of built to spill.

For you in Pittsburgh, they are playing The Mr. Roboto Project on July 27th.

There is a lot of good hip hop out there. I didn’t listen to much when I was younger though, so I kind of have no clue about most of it. But I came across this and it’s just great.

I missed that this video happened. Real Life Buildings features Matt Van Asselt from Mt. Home Arts with members of Told Slant and Eskimeaux. All of which I like. I also liked his stuff with The Act of Estimating as Worthless. The video, for what it’s worth, was animated by Anne Shepperson, also of Mt. Home Arts. I really like pretty much everything they do. I love the home grown element of art in every aspect of music and book making that they do.

I’m in awe in the infinite amount of good music in the universe. So, i’m sorry if i’m a broken record about that. I’m not sorry for sharing this.

Actually, here is a second great track from them. Enjoy!