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Battle Ave has a new album coming out in May.  Here is the opening track. This one took two plays to warm up to me, but it’s quite good and haunting. Happy Easter folks.

This popped onto my radar a few days ago, though I can’t really remember why.  No wait, I think I do.  It was Battle Ave who posted that Emma Tringali from Pop & Obachan performs on their new single.  Anyhow this song is very pretty, in a very winter seasonally consistent kind of way.

It’s weird.  I had an asthma attack yesterday.  So naturally, I feel like I got run over by a mack truck today.  I was so exhausted that even listening to music, my favorite past time, seems overwhelming. But I saw there was new Battle Ave so I had to listen.  And damn if it wasn’t perfect for my mood.  Battle Ave wins.  Asthma sucks.  And 2015 will be a good year.