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An old friend of mine put this video up this week. This was part of a show bidding farewell to Diva Haus in Columbia, MO. I know nothing except that Rough Blush is pretty great. When you are done with the video, check out their stuff on bandcamp too.

If you don’t like that then you’re no rock n roll fun. Seriously. Sometimes though, you need a classic. And I had this scheduled to post today before discovering the awesomeness that is Rough Blush. So why not leave it up?

It might not be able to compete with the band playing the song live on Letterman, but “A New Wave” getting the Bob’s Burger treatment is pretty damn good.

Figured it worthwhile to pass along this wonderful playlist by BitchTapes. If you like what you hear, there’s plenty more over at their website.

I have NO IDEA how I missed this.  but Sleater-Kinney has a new album coming out in January.  And they posted a new song on the internets.  And i’m all like wtf.  How did I miss this!!!

Here is that new song.  They are playing in Pittsburgh on March 1. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.