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This is the age of open misogyny. Fortunately, Jean Smith knows what to say about it.  Thank you Jean.  Thank you David Lester.  Thank you Mecca Normal.

Ok, so that’s pretty cool.  But how about mecca normal in a canoe?  wtf?  I know.  Very wonderful.

I’ve posted Mecca Normal before.  I’ll post them again.  Wondering Sound did this pretty good interview.  Not sure why the interviewer was so obsessed with the part about her aunt, but keep on reading past that.  Lots of good stuff.  And here’s their song about Malichi Richter, a war protestor in Chicago who set himself on fire to protest the Iraq war.

Mecca Normal has always been one of my favorite bands.  Or at least since I first heard them circa 1990.  And, being a lot of a tree hugger, and even a tree hugger hugger, songs like this appeal to me.  But I post it now because of this account that Jean Smith posted.  If Ian MacKaye someday has a favorite Stari Most song, my work will be done.

Mecca Normal has been remarkably consistent over the years.  I played a track from their new album back in July.  Well, here is another one.  And you know, enjoy it, and buy the new record, because if you have musical taste, you won’t regret it.  I know, big caveat.  But at least it’s completely objectively measurable.

Mecca Normal has a new album coming out.  They posted a video of Super Valu Logo on their facebook page.  And it’s super great.  And it’s allegedly on the new album, though the press kit for the new album doesn’t support that.  But while we solve that mystery, here is another song from the LP that I can embed.