All posts for the month May, 2024

We enjoy exploring music from different countries. This May, we are listening to music from Guyana, South America. Join in by posting songs and thoughts about the music on this post…

So, how do you find music from Guyana. One option is Bandcamp. You can use this link which will show all music tagged as coming from the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. But you can use other sites too such as Spotify or Soundcloud though there isn’t a tag to search by. And there is always Google.

Between now and the end of May, we’ll post music that we or others find and include appropriate commentary.

ETA. Read about Guyana here. The Wiki on Guyana Music is interesting. Did you know Mad Professor is from Guyana? I did not know this.

Saturday, May 18 @ 11pm

The first music of note so far is Research Kitchen.

Sunday, May 19 @ 12pm

This calypso with the drums and jazzy sound is quite delightful!

Sunday, May 19 @ 1pm

If you like industrial I am actually quite enjoying The Vulture Drones…

Monday, May 20 @ 1pm

I wouldn’t say this is great punk, but I like that it exists. A split 7″ with bands from Guyana and neighboring Suriname.

Monday, May 20 @ 6:30pm

This I thought was going to be ambient but it’s something else. It’s a pleasant listen.

Tuesday, May 21 @ 10:30am

I’m trying Youtube music playlists to find music from Guyana. This playlist is of Guyana folk music.

Tuesday, May 21 @ 2:30pm

Creole Rock is an interesting project. Gavin Mendonca is the artist behind this pop punk infused Guyanan music. He also features in a heavy metal band I’m going to give a listen to. And he has a folk project as well.

Wednesday, May 22 @ 12:30pm

Death Metal from Guyana. I know I tend to like everything sometimes but I do actually like this and I’m not usually a big death metal person.

Wednesday, May 22 @ 1:00pm

Just some simple acoustic offerings from a guitarist in Guyana…

And here is some more traditional Guyana music…

Saturday, May 25 @ 10:30PM

This isn’t exactly my thing but it’s lovely in its way. Singer-songwriter Juke Ross from Guyana.

Sunday, May 26 @ 12:30am

I haven’t listened to Iron Maiden in ages so I was surprised how quickly I recognized this cover. Anyhow, some metal from Guyana from Ettu Brutus.