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Now, we’ve always wanted to explore domestic music more and so why not bring the laser focus of the Slow Radio Shower to the States. Once again, we made a master list of US states (and Canadian Provinces because why not?), and then rolled the dice. The result: Kentucky!

No real rules, just look for music from Kentucky. And have fun! Here is a link to music from Kentucky on Bandcamp

Tuesday, June 25 @ 2pm

Well, it took me a while to get started on this. So why not start with something familiar. Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

Friday, June 28 @ 2:30pm

This is some decent punk.

Quick Update

We will continue with Kentucky into July. Then for August we’ll return to the International Slow Radio Shower…

We enjoy exploring music from different countries. This June, we are listening to music from Finland, Europe. Join in by posting songs and thoughts about the music on this post…

So why Finland? There are nearly 290 territories and countries in the world. We created a master list of countries and territories and then rolled dice and that’s how we ended up with Finland.

So, how do you find music from Finland. One option is Bandcamp. You can use this link which will show all music tagged as coming from the country of Finland. In theory. However, take note, that people will tag their music based on a variety of factors so it’s good to verify it’s actually from Finland or if it is influenced by Finnish music or from a Finnish label. Anything is an acceptable contribution to this effort though. So if it’s from a Finnish label but it’s Lithuanian music – why not? Also I noticed that Finland has multiple tags so that’s just one of them. And you may want to search by certain cities as well, such as Helsinki.

You can use other sites too such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Last.FM or YouTube. However, most of those sites don’t have a geo-tag to search by. So it can be harder to find stuff. At the same time, most artists are on Spotify, but not everyone is on Bandcamp. And there is always Google searches. Since not everyone is on Bandcamp, it’s good to diversify how we find music.

Between now and the end of June, we’ll post music that we or others find and include appropriate commentary. Feel free to comment, suggest music to include, etc… This is most effective as a group effort.

Saturday, June 1 @ 1:30am

The first find in listening to Finnish music is the lovely Jazz from Linda Fredriksson.

Sunday, June 2 @ 12pm

Some Finnish post-rock from Tampere, Finland. This has an ambient touch to it. It’s very solid.

Monday, June 3 @ 1:30am

This is my favorite find so far. Some dreamy electronic indie pop.

Monday, June 3 @ 12:30pm

This is so interesting. Elokuu is inspired by Humppa – “Humppa is a type of music from Finland. It is related to jazz and very fast foxtrot, played two beats to a bar“. Enjoy! And thanks to Lorelai for this contribution!

Tuesday, June 4 @ 2pm

The music from Kauan is labeled as doom, folk, progressive rock, and ambient. And to be honest, it all fits. Plus this album has an associated RPG that you can get! Well worth the listen.

Wednesday, June 5 @ 11am

Teini-Pää is great. This music makes me so happy. Indie Pop that sometimes sounds like surf rock, sometimes like pop punk, and sometimes like Best Coast. Well worth the listen. All lyrics in Finnish.

Thursday, June 6

Today’s contribution comes from Eleanoora Rosenholm – a band from Pori that is probably best described as a weird bit of indie pop. This recent album is focused on a Soviet Union based storyline.

Thursday, June 6 @ 12pm

Today we get two posts. From the same Finnish label as Eleanoora Rosenholm we have Olimpia Splendid. Now I should have remembered how much I like them as I actually have a 7″ from them. But wow are they good! I guess this is Indie Noise? Who cares, I love it!

Friday, June 7 @ 11:30am

Today’s pick was described by Kim Gordon, “Islaja’s music is a dream, abstract and enchanted but grounded in the earthiness of a Finnish forest floor.” I mean, who am I to argue with Kim Gordon? Besides, she is not wrong.

Tuesday, June 11 @ 1:30pm

Jarse is interesting music. Sometimes melodic, other times experimental.

Wednesday, June 12 @ 12pm

Of course, Finland may be best known for its Metal. I am not an aficionado of metal. But I thought this was decent. I’ve barely delved into the metal yet though so don’t be surprised if I find much better.


This post-rock is really good. Occasionally heavy, occasionally dreamy, always instrumental.

Thursday, June 13 @ 11:30am

Got some real good suggestions from my friend Julian yesterday for Finnish metal. Here are two of my favorites.

Friday, June 14 @ 12:30am

This is so good. Especially the first track. Maybe Tar meets Pissed Jeans? Whatever. It works.

Saturday, June 14 @ 12pm

This is interesting. I really like it. Definitely an indie sound, a bit electronic at times, experimental for sure. In the end it’s just interesting…

Whereas this one is straight up indie rock.

And this may be best classified as indie pop rock?