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A little “behind the scenes at the Radio Shower” for you today: I’ve got a bookmark folder full of songs I wanna put up on the blog, and it’s stuffed pretty full right now. Because of that, there’s times I don’t get around to posting “new” songs til a week or two after I actually hear em. But when a new Destruction Unit jam get released, alongside an album announcement? Straight to the front of the goddamned line! It appears if Negative Feedback Resistor takes another big step forward in capturing the energy of the band’s so-loud-you’ll-puke live shows, or gets about as close one could hope. Need another reason to be excited? It features appearances by Alex Zhang (he of Dirty Beaches fame) and Don Bolles (he drummed for the friggin’ Germs). Out 9/18

Yep, destruction unit. They got booted from a restaurant during filming of this. Reading this reminds me of a show my college band clean shaven christ played.  Similar results.

“About halfway through, the restaurant was empty,” the band told FADER in an email. “By the third song in the set, the owner had kicked us out. One guy loved it, and gave us an ounce of weed he’d grown himself.”

A huge “shit yeah!” to the fact that DU is the next band in line to get the “Live in San Francisco” treatment from Castle Face. This almost makes too much sense.