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Just got done listening to this.  I always have some music that I haven’t heard queued up in one place or another.  Anyhow, I liked this enough to share.  It’s off of Jakob’s newest lp Sines.

I actually opened up last week’s show with this one, and this is really just an excuse to post the live video below. My favorite comment on the YouTube link is:

“I talked to John Kunz, owner of Waterloo and co-founder of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores and all he said about this was ‘They caused a lot of damage.'”

Sorry, John. Waterloo Records’ web site can be found here if you feel helping reimbursing him for the band’s theatrics. Regardless, the show looks like it was entertaining as hell.

Leeds’ Hookworms just announced The Hum, their follow up to last year’s Pearl Mystic. If you’re a fan of Destruction Unit/Disappears/Cryptograms-era Deerhunter/etc…, you should really get on this.

A small excerpt from Senyawa.  Fuckin’ brilliant if you ask me.  Love this.

JAKARTA JAKARTA! an extract: SENYAWA from Vincent Moon / Petites Plan├Ętes on Vimeo.

Apparently, the current Suicidal Tendencies bassist Tim Williams died.  Announced this morning on their website.  Tim didn’t play on this, but it’s really the only track I remember from them, though they are still together.  In the meantime, may Tim RIP.