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Came dangerously close to having this on the radio show playlist tonight, which probably wouldn’t have went over well with the program director. Check your lyric sheets, kids! Still, it’s too good not to post at all, even if it’s just to the blog.
On a very related note, the radio show returns tonight! 9PM to midnight on 88.3FM if you’re in the city or streaming on if you’re anybody else in the world.
The best song on the best album by Ryan Adams gets the Superchunk treatment, and the results are unsurprisingly great. Shame I can’t play it on the show. Off of the While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of  Bloodshot Records comp, out November 18th.

I could stretch and make the claim that this is vaguely music related, since Interpol’s Paul Banks is one of the guests on this episode of Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang podcast, but the real reason I’m posting it is Horatio Sanz, of SNL fame. He makes me laugh out loud to myself at least a half dozen times over the course of his appearance. He shows up (as Aaron Neville) around the 36 minute mark, though a “sound proofer” who sounds suspiciously like Sanz makes a brief appearance around 22 minutes in, too.