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Check your April calendar… anything going on the 11th? Well cross that shit out, cause you’re gonna go see yourself a rock and roll show. The Mystery Lights play at The Shop with Pittsburgh’s own The Nox Boys and Dream Phone.

This is fantastic. The animated video, the story, the music are all perfectly apt.  Read more about it here.

Somehow I missed this when it came out a few weeks ago. Grimes refers to this as demo-quality, but it sounds just fine to me. At the very least, the video (shot mostly in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia) should ignite some sort of wanderlust in you, which is certainly never a bad thing.
Featuring special guest Macklemore!
Tune into the show tonight, as there’s a special substitute-Jim coming in to play some of his favorite soundtrack music. I’ll also be there playing whatever’s caught my ear this week. Normal time and place, 9PM til midnight on 88.3FM if you’re in the city, or streaming at anywhere else in the world.

Hey, remember when I posted “Electric“, the first track off of Follakzoid’s upcoming III a while back? Well now Sacred Bones is streaming the whole dag-goned LP. If “Electic” and “Earth” both sound good to you, then head on over here to hear the rest.