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Just got done listening to this.  I always have some music that I haven’t heard queued up in one place or another.  Anyhow, I liked this enough to share.  It’s off of Jakob’s newest lp Sines.

A small excerpt from Senyawa.  Fuckin’ brilliant if you ask me.  Love this.

JAKARTA JAKARTA! an extract: SENYAWA from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo.

Apparently, the current Suicidal Tendencies bassist Tim Williams died.  Announced this morning on their website.  Tim didn’t play on this, but it’s really the only track I remember from them, though they are still together.  In the meantime, may Tim RIP.

The Gotobeds have a new album.  And apparently it’s on NPR’s first listen page.  How does one get on there?  That’s pretty cool.  Here is a video/song to go along with this cool fact.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine in Virginia got into a bit of a tussle with a bear. Apparently, it took a long time to stitch him up and his dog Henry went through some substantial surgery, but they are both going to be ok is what I hear.  Anyhow, the details are still coming in, but Steve is a big bear lover so I thought my song of the day would be Casey Neill’s bear in mind.  Right now the WV games department is hunting down the bear, which makes no sense.  It wasn’t rabid.  Just an unfortunate encounter and it moved to protect it’s cubs.  So far though, they have not found her.  Thankfully.  And yeah, I couldn’t find Bear in Mind online but I found this fun video.

It’s Sunday.  Let’s take a break from the deep thoughts to enjoy this completely beautiful tune.  Actually heard this while watching Longmire.  TV does some good for once.

The last two days, I played two songs about the difficulties of life, love, and change.  It wasn’t at all random.  I have been thinking that there are stories to share, that can help provide some context for why some of these songs have meaning to me that goes beyond the fact that it’s simply good music.  Heck, some of what I like isn’t good music. That’s half the point.

Anyhow, I think that a common theme this week in the wake of Robin Williams is on mental health. In the world of art there are many ways to explore this issue, such as the photos taken by John William Keedy. As a sufferer of anxiety and depression issues (that’s not necessarily a reveal that all of my friends know, but it’s one that most know), I relate strongly to the complexity of it all.  In that NPR article I linked above, Keedy says:

I really wanted to be in contact with my friends and my family, but there was something physically just keeping me back from it. A friend would call, and I’d just stare at the phone. I’d really want to answer it, and I felt I couldn’t. There was something keeping me from doing that.

I cannot explain how on point that is. I’ve been there.  I’ve stared at the phone.  I’ve neglected the doorbell.  I’ve failed at a job.  I’ve closed all of the curtains and hid away for days at a time. And it was often very difficult for those around me to understand it. I’ve mostly found ways to cope and manage things so that I can have a healthy life.  Some of those methods include embracing the things that I love such as music.  As such, i’ve always found music that appeals to me emotionally has a meaningful impact on my mental health.  I didn’t quite intend for this to be so personal, but these issues are personal to me.  This song from Air Waves, for whatever reason, has that appeal that lifts my spirits and brings about a better day.

Here is a great version of this song.  Great video too.

And as I said above, it’s just a great song that really reaches me.  What I didn’t say is that some days I will listen to this song over and over and over. I’ve also known a number of other people with similar issues who have been reached by Air Waves’ music.  So expect more…

Another song that I love but can’t play on the radio.  I like this band.