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Mark McGuire definitely has an identifiable sound, that’s for sure. But nobody could accuse him of phoning in any of his innumerable releases. On “Earth: 2015” he runs his smooth synth processed guitar tones through an apocalyptic wringer. It’s a song I could imagine soundtracking a futuristic car chase in some low budget sci-fi movie. And if the song piques your interest but you’re on the fence about actually buying the record, just know that packaging for the Beyond Belief  LP is absolutely beautiful:

I was a bit surprised at how quietly APTBS’s Transfixiation was received upon release earlier this year. Some of that may have had to do with the band’s “Our-practice-space-closed-up-woe-is-us” marketing strategy, but the album itself is exactly the kind of in-the-red noise dirges (bordering on industrial at times) one would expect from them.