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I’ve posted Mecca Normal before.  I’ll post them again.  Wondering Sound did this pretty good interview.  Not sure why the interviewer was so obsessed with the part about her aunt, but keep on reading past that.  Lots of good stuff.  And here’s their song about Malichi Richter, a war protestor in Chicago who set himself on fire to protest the Iraq war.

It’s weird.  I had an asthma attack yesterday.  So naturally, I feel like I got run over by a mack truck today.  I was so exhausted that even listening to music, my favorite past time, seems overwhelming. But I saw there was new Battle Ave so I had to listen.  And damn if it wasn’t perfect for my mood.  Battle Ave wins.  Asthma sucks.  And 2015 will be a good year.

Of course it doesn’t come close to the original, but Parkay Quarts offer up a decent take on “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”.

Just a friendly reminder that your Monday could be much worse, as you’re most likely not currently incarcerated or the target of an assassination attempt.
Remember yesterday when I mentioned my utter lack of recognition for the impending cold and snow? Here’s another reason to pretend winter is just a bad dream. Off of the brand new Michael LP by Les Sins (who you may know better as Chaz Bundick, who also releases music under his Toro Y Moi alter-ego), out now on Carpark.

Springtime Carnivore’s (nee Greta Morgan) new self titled album has been getting a lot of play in my car the past few days, as I continue to try pretending that eternal summer is a real thing. “Sun Went Black” is a good example of why: Brill Building pop jams with just a tinge of folk and spaghetti western mixed in.

Mecca Normal has always been one of my favorite bands.  Or at least since I first heard them circa 1990.  And, being a lot of a tree hugger, and even a tree hugger hugger, songs like this appeal to me.  But I post it now because of this account that Jean Smith posted.  If Ian MacKaye someday has a favorite Stari Most song, my work will be done.