Week in Review

Another new feature for the blog is our week in review post. Here in we pick the favorite song posted by the other (ie. Jim picks his favorite Matt song, and Matt his favorite Jim song) and we say why it’s our fav. Also, quick summaries of our other posts for the week. Basically, herein we navel gaze.

Jim Picks a Matt Song – Week Ending 7/18/2015

This song from Ultimate Painting was perfect. It just completely fit my mood when it went live. As Matt points out, it’s quite Velvet Underground influenced. The Fake Palms post was a close second. And if you really just need to chill I do highly recommend his post of iNSANLAR.

Matt Picks a Jim Song – Week Ending 7/17/2015

It was a toss up with the Astro Children post from earlier in the week, but goddamn if I couldn’t listen to that guitar tone from Web of Sunsets ring out all night long. In fact, that’s exactly what I might do. Great song for wistfully staring out the window of a moving vehicle, right there.

7″ Highlight of the Week – LVL UP’s Three Songs EP

Jim Highlighted LVL UP’s new 7″ dropped on Wednesday. Check out the post, or listen below. And note that LVL UP plays the burgh on Tuesday at the Slit on the North Side. A show that also features post-punk rockers Big Ups.

Sunday, July 12th Radio Show Playlist

You can see our radio show playlist for this week by visiting this post here. Highlights included Cursive, The Telescopes, and a request for My Bloody Valentine.