Moscow Astrobrite-referencers Pinkshinyultrablast have been consistently leaking out some pretty great music all through 2015, so it only makes sense that they close out the year previewing their new LP, due out in February.

Gimme Indie Rock for Christmas! One of my all time favs. Radio show tonight. I should be there for the Christmas week edition though this week is crazy so anything can happen.

Nice to see that Parker and Co. have figured out how to pull of most of his studio tricks in a live setting.
There’s a lot going on here, mostly positive (I see you back there, Warren Moon). Casablanca’s droll vocals can still be charming in the right context, and it’s nice to see Beth play something besides “brooding frontwoman”. But the best thing here is the song itself, a cover of a one-off collaboration between Lydia Lunch and early Danish punks Sort Sol.