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Jock Gang specialize in a sound that is far harder to pull off than it sounds. That’s probably why Women are still so highly regarded years after breaking up. This is definitely more Androgynous Mind than it is Preoccupations (nee Viet Cong), and at times reminds me of what a GSL-released 45 might sound like played at 33RPM. Dig that guitar tone, too.

Jock Gang’s EP is out now via Pep Talk. I’m excited to hear what they can do over the course of a full album.

From a new EP by Rat Columns which is basically David West’s solo thing. Not surprisingly great.

I really like The Crabs. I’ve played them on the show, but I don’t think i’ve ever posted anything to the blog. This here is from a new mini-ep they posted on bandcamp. The ep is ok, but this song is really good. Classic Crabs.