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8:00pm In just a minute we’re going to roll into a bunch of psyche. But check out this awesome post-rock / math-rock band from Chile. Warm up to this comfortably shifty music.

8:08pm Oops let that go for two songs. The Holydrug Couple… Sacred Bones signees and maybe the most well known band from this scene Stateside. Might as well ease into things.

8:20pm oops we’re slow. just let that band play for a bit. On to the next one. Y’all motherfuckers like MBV, right?

8:30pm and now we go twee. just discovered this an hour before going live with the drunk blog. so there!

8:40pm ok matt brings you… La Hell Gang. BJM-esque rock ‘n roll muzak.

8:50pm Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane… probably the first band from this scene I heard, and the sound I associate with it. Look up the video to this song, fits the mood perfectly.

9:00 And now we get pretty. so very pretty. reminds me a bit of a Chilean Emiliana Torrini.

9:10pm Let’s pick up the energy.

9:20pm ok we picked this one at random. umm, we’ll let you know what we think.

9:25pm oh that was a good break. Actually those guys seem like terrible people, please don’t give them any more attention than we already did. OK, back to the real tunes. Mi Andromeda toured with Astrobrite, which seems absolutely obvious when you listen to that.

9:35pm we will try another random one. we will so here is 5 minutes of some random dub-step from Chile.

9:40pm ok, let’s try fucking gothics at the beach. because that’s what we do.

9:45pm Watch Out!

9:55pm ok more good music. no more random stuff yet. Chicos de Nazca, featuring members of one of the bands we played already… who I forget… just take my word for it.

10:05pm The final pre-planned song of the night, which means we’ll be getting weird with it shortly. Bookending things another Sacred Bones band. Best accompanied by a bottle of Robitussin.

10:15pm Don’t call child protective services. The kids did picked this though. Seriously don’t call child protective services.

10:25pm this band is mixed in jim’s opinion. But he likes the opening track. He has opinions that no one listens to though so there is that.

10:35pm ok, random for the rest of the night. But we have hope and this looks good.

10:45pm Pontiacs were so good! wow! yay! awesome! and now for our next experiment. Mainly this dude looks like an old co-worker and friend.

10:51pm ok that was good in it’s way but totally ready for something hopefully better. everyone, arm your mind phasers.

10:54pm quick abandonment of that last one. Just ambient doesn’t fit drunk live blogging. But this is starting out really well.

11:04pm wow that was so good. can you match that nueva costa?

11:14pm we’ve been calling this the devil music all night. Doom but psychadelic? Are these tags legit?

11:21pm we thought that this album cover was very swirlies. but how is the music?

11:27pm this is for anyone who doesn’t like drunk radio shower blogging. los fuck you!

11:35pm that was really quite good. This looks like it has potential.

11:45pm gonna be hard to beat that. holy shit Desperfecto is soooooo good. And this is tagged as pop punk. Which is dangerous. Sorry Ryan. Anyhow, let’s find out.

11:55pm We keep eying this one. Could go either way. We all feel that let down is inevitable after Desperfecto, but who knows…

12:00am this one is fuckin medium fi. what the fuck is that? Note that we are playing at random.

12:05am so let’s try something different. sorry bandcamp, time to do some soundcloud.

12:10am omg i’m late! turns out laptops need power. even drunk ones.

Closing comments

I’m tired. We discovered some great shit. Some stuff I liked well enough but maybe won’t listen to much again. And some other stuff. No matter what. Music is something everyone can create and there is all kinds. What I like may not be what you like. But how great is it that we all find lovely tunes that fit our needs. Love music. Will never ever forget a certain split lp. – jim k

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