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A continuation of my exploration into Greece music. Each month, the Discovering Interstellar Music feature will explore interesting (to us) music from around the world. This feature publishes every Friday. See also my posts on nefeli walking undercover (Part I), the εἰρκτή compilation (Part II), and Grecian Post Rock (Part III).

I found lots of Psychadelic rock in my brief Grecian foray. Here are some of the especially good ones.


Ammu Dia is their most recent release and it’s available on CD if you need the physical medium. The title track particularly caught my attention as it is almost math rock in substance. It has an almost metal sound happening that reminds me of Rodan. I really quite easily could have clumped some of Arrakis’ material in with last week’s post-rock post. But here it is.

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Now, this band is all in on the psychadelic with a strong metal influence. They are really quite good, but more purely psychadelic than Arrakis.

And that’s all for now. There is of course more where this comes from. Just me roaming about in the interwebs trying to discern what kinds of good music Greece had to offer. Hopefully yinz enjoyed it.

Coming Next Week: September Focus on … where?