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Every few months or so, I remember to check in on Geographic North and whatever they’ve been up to. Almost everything they put out is worth your attention, especially if you’re the type who looks up obscure releases from Kranky’s back catalog to hear something new and interesting.

You may not recognize Jefre Cantu-Ledesma by name, but between his time in bands like Tarental, The Alps, and The Holy See (just to name a few) and running Root Strata Records, he’s probably had his fingerprints on something that’s graced your ears at some point in the last decade. His pairing up with Geographic North is the definition of a no-brainer, and In Summer fits snuggly into the label’s catalog, right in between Danny Paul Grody’s entry into the Sketch for Winter series and Arp’s latest opus. The whole thing is mighty warm for a release that can be filed under “ambient”, and “Love’s Refrain” is the perfect modus operandi to open up the album… errrr… cassette.

You might recognize Moses Archuleta from his day job drumming for Deerhunter. Here, his contribution to Geographic North’s “Sketch for Winter” series leads me to believe he might have had more to do with the ambient/stranger parts of Cryptograms and Weird Era Cont. than I originally suspected.

Geographic North just released a cassette of guitar improvisations by Lotus Plaza (AKA Lockett Pundt, of Deerhunter fame) that will make the inside of your brain glow. Stream the whole thing above, then pick it up at the label’s website.