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Each month, in the International Radio Shower, we will explore interesting (to us) music from around the world. This feature publishes every Friday. This month will focus on music in Greece. Click on the following links to read Part I: Nefeli Walking Undercover and Part II: εἰρκτή compilation.

In my limited sample of music I combed through, I found a large amount of post rock, much of which could be classified as math rock. I tend to like this genre of music, so I found a lot of interest to me. Here are a couple highlights.


First of all, I appreciate a good band name. Afformance works for me. It is a made up word with meaning behind it. And let’s face it, virtually all math rock is quite a bit emo and a touch intelligentsia. This actually has some similarities to Pittsburgh’s own My Captain, My Sea.

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Hope Thinks Infinite

Well, this band’s label is so very literal. They deliver a great brand of instrumental post-rock. Thousand Yard Stare is a phenomenal song. And Glacial Erratic is a great song title. Petrichor goes primarily ambient or something.

We Own the Sky

Again, literal in a name. This one a little more aggressive about it. And a lot more heavy metal influenced. I recommend Alterecho.

Coming Next Week: Part IV on Grecian stoner rock.