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Welcome to the third edition of the Interstellar Radio Shower Week in Review. Here in we pick the favorite song posted by the other (ie. Jim picks his favorite Matt song, and Matt his favorite Jim song) and we say why it’s our fav. Also, quick summaries of our other long posts for the week. Basically, herein we navel gaze.

Jim Picks a Matt Song 

I could easily go with Minor Victories for the great video giving a sneak peak at their upcoming debut. But the audio peaks are so short. So let’s go with something you can listen to and enjoy. I also really like the intro to Jacuzzi Boys. And the song is good, but something about the exchange with the lady about their name that is very familiar. Anyhow, lots of good stuff again this week from Matt. I’m going to go with Butterscotch Cathedral. Because damn if that doesn’t work.

Matt Picks a Jim Song

Another week full of highlights from Jim. I found myself wishing the Nicole Kidman (not the Nicole Kidman, I assume) song was longer so I could let the synth tone gently massage my brain, but ultimately I’ll go full-on 90’s emo/indie and say my favorite post of the week was Silian Rail’s “Slint if they ever smiled” instrumental, followed very closely by the eternally affable Jad Fair and Jason Willett doing their thing.

Drunk Radio Shower – Chile Edition

One of our newer features is our International Radio Shower series. We will pick a different country each month and highlight some of the interesting music coming from that nation state. The mundane aspect of this will debut next Friday with a glimpse into the Greece music scene.

Last night we debuted one of our more obnoxious features. Similar to the International Radio Shower, we dove into music from Chile. And we did so while drinking extensively. And therefore opining absurdedly.

Click here to check out the 31 bands highlighted during last night’s Drunk Radio Shower.

7″ Highlight – The Ghost Ease’s “Quit Yer Job”

We must be on to something. We posted about The Ghost Ease’s excellent 7″ EP “Quit Yer Job” on Tuesday and the next day I got an e-mail from K Records saying they are distributing it. Well, hey, they have good taste. We must have it too. Check out our full blog post here. Or listen to part of it below.

LP Highlight – Min Diesel’s Mince

This weeks focus album is the new release from Scotland’s Min Diesel. This pure indie rock album is really great. You can read the full post by visiting the blog post or listen to the album below.

Sunday, July 26th Radio Show Playlist

Matt held down the fort. The show featured Web of Sunsets, The Homosexuals, and The Aislers Set. Check out the full playlist here.

This first caught my attention because Min Diesel is a great band name. And the artwork reminded me a bit of something Will Oldham might have done at some point (in another life or something). And the album does not disappoint.

Min Diesel hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. Mince was released on May 11th on Cool Your Jets. I’m a little late becoming aware of this, but 9 copies of the lp are still available so let’s do this now and quickly. This isn’t Will Oldham (who I like). It’s indie rock, straight and simple. And it’s very good.

I feel like this falls somewhere between Pavement and Guided by Voices without sounding remotely like either of them. The opener War Band is a good rocker, but the second song Pagan Pageant is just great. It may be the stripped down parts of that song that recall Guided by Voices. And the alluring guitars that make me think pavement. The last 30 seconds of it gets very math rocky too.

I really do think this album is great. It has parts that remind me of some of my 90s favorite without actually sounding like those bands all that much. Trail of T-Shirts and Kirk Session make me think of Sebadoh. The guitar riff on T-shirts is just great. dB, however, is probably my favorite. It’s got some edge and some fire.