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I was saddened by the Ovlov break up. But it seemed inevitable. And some members have re-formed as Stove. Check it out. It’s really good. This has quite the Dinosaur, Jr. vibe. Stereogum has more on Stove here.

I recently picked up a new split 7″ with Ovlov and Little Big League on it.  I really wanted to play some of the Little Big League on the show, but reality struck because she likes the word fuck.  I do too.  Here is where you can get the record.

Seems like we’re always posting something from Ovlov.  But I like them.  Found this via Wondering Sounds who said:

There’s some of the same gurgle-and-pound that defined Dinosaur Jr.’s classic You’re Living All Over Me, but Ovlov are less stingy with hooks. 

I do like Ovlov, but I wouldn’t mind if they were a bit more stingy with the hooks.  It can still stick in your head which dino jr has done to me for years.  Still, this is a good song.

Ovlov have done us the favor of making it simple to find their most epic tracks by naming them all “The Great” something or other. This one settles into a nice groove, and then things start to get crazy around three minutes. It’s off a split the band did with Ex-Breathers, Woozy, and Gnarwhal, out November 18th on Community Records.