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Ever wondered what The Gun Club would’ve sounded like if they went full-on shit life? I’ve got a gift for you. Goat Girl seem to specialize in dirgey, twangy post-punk that calls to mind fellow Brits Girl’s Names or Crystal Stilts when they’re on one of their Paisley Undereground kicks instead of a VU bender. Rough Trade put this song out on a 7″ over  month ago, and if it’s good enough for them, it sure as hell should be good enough for you. See also: B-side Scum.

Girl Band’s upcoming album Holding Hands with Jamie is shaping up to be a real banger. Everything I’ve heard so far sounds like early Health run through a Jesus Lizard filter. It’s out 9/25 on Rough Trade.
No show tonight, but I’m sure you’ve been listening to Massive Music Weekend on WRCT nonstop since Friday and you already knew that.