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Welcome to another edition of the Interstellar Radio Shower Week in Review. Here in we navel gaze.

Matt Picks a Jim Song 

I waffled a bit on whether or not to choose last week’s Heat Dust post, but I’m ultimately going to have to go with Saintseneca’s well-curated indie pop, which I’ve found myself returning to since Jim posted it up on Wednesday.

Jim Picks a Matt Song

I really enjoyed the angst of Yautja and though i’m not typically a huge synth guy, that piece by Mark McGuire is quite good. So it may be a bit boring for me to pick the Black Lips, but this tune was so very enjoyable.

Drunk Radio Shower – Poland Edition

The International Radio Shower was back in it’s full on glory. Really, all you can do is visit the full post and try not to cry.

Sunday,  September 20th Radio Show Playlist

And this week there was no radio show. We apologize but we’ll be back on the air tomorrow.