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Each month, in the International Radio Shower, we will explore interesting (to us) music from around the world. This feature publishes every Friday. This is Part II in our series on Greece. To read Part I click here.

The εἰρκτή compilation

Now this is something very different from my last post on nefeli walking undercover. And the timing is right. The small Greece label εἰρκτή is releasing a compilation of largely previously unreleased material that is quite extensive. It features primarily artists from the 80s and features 3 full length LPs and 1 7″ of material covering a wide array of the Greek underground scene. The recordings are sometimes pretty raw, but the content is great. Below I highlight some of my favorites from each lp.

βιῶν ἐν εἰρκτῇ (eirme 04 . 1)

Side A features primarily post punk content. Every song is solid. My favorite might be the fifth song from stranded particles y-r, but I think this track from on purpose might have the most appeal. Check it out.

Side B focuses on punk artists from the Greek underground scene. I really liked this track from ήταν είναι και θα είναι. It has spunk.

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βιῶν ἐν εἰρκτῇ (eirme 04 . 2)

On the second lp, the C side focuses on the minimal synth scene. This side really kicks it off well with this track from χωρίς περιδέραιο.

And on the D side, which focuses more on dark wave electronic and experimental. Hang with this track from common sense.

βιῶν ἐν εἰρκτῇ (eirme 04 . 3)

This entire album continues to focus on dark wave material. This might be my favorite song on the comp. Reminds me of something Chris Knox would do and even gets a bit weirder.

The F side gets a bit more ambient and experimental. I really liked this track from κρυπτογράφημα.

βιῶν ἐν εἰρκτῇ (eirme 04​.​4)

Finally we get to the New Wave 7″. The A-side from film noir is a lovely poppy new wave ditty. It’s so 1980s.

And that’s all for this week. As you can see that’s quite a sampler. It’s available digitally from the bandcamp links, or you can buy the box set on vinyl directly from the label here.

Note: A lot of the info is in Greek so if I got anything grossly wrong let me know.

Coming Next Week: Part III on Grecian post rock.