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Here in is just some music I found that I liked or was interesting while I have been sitting out my quarantine. This will meander a bit. I have a lot of listening to catch up on but these are items of interest to me – and maybe to you.


I’m pleased to report that LeftyFish has had a couple of releases since I last wrote about them. Soooooo goooood. Gotta like noise though.

The Ice Age

Let’s start with the interesting. This is a long lost record from Indianapolis’ psych/hard rock band Ice (aka Zukus). Not bad. More interesting than good perhaps. Certainly good enough to have released i’d think


This is interesting. This is some Turkish Psych from 1969. Pretty nice.

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Melkbelly’s BATB (aka Bathroom at the Beach) is awesome. The 7″ was released on vinyl on July 31 by Chicago outfit Automatic Recordings. This straight up single, available on a limited edition run of vinyl, really rocks.

This is sharp edged noisy pop reminds me a lot of Speedy Ortiz which I coincidentally posted this morning. The short A-side Bathroom at the Beach is quick, catchy and loud. The B-side is a long track with the braggable title Piss Wizard. This song fluctuates from driving and noisy to slow and catchy.

This band does recall Th’ Faith Healers some. I think this music speaks for itself.